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We are CV. Kencana Sakti an international trader for Guano organic fertiliser which is made from natural deposits of fossilised Guano phosphate which is produced through the decomposition of accumulated sea bird droppings, bat droppings, carcasses, shells and animal bone million years ago. Mined from a mining site located on Central Java, our guano organic fertiliser provides the highest level of available Phosphate, Calcium, Natrium, Ferro and other trace minerals needed by plant.

We have been doing this business for years. Started from a small company that does mining, manufacturing and selling guano organic fertiliser in local market across Indonesia, then we transformed our way of business in 2008 by selling guano abroad.

From small tonnage packed in one container, today we have shipped around 750 metric tonnes per month in average to several countries such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan, Spain, United States of America and Australia.

At this moment, our product is already certified by BioGro New Zealand as organic product and passed very low heavy metals content rules.

So far, our costumers feel happy and satisfied with our products. This is the result from implementing quality control methods that work and supervise from the first time the guano are mined, analyzed, manufactured, packed and then loaded it to the container.

To ensure that we provide good products, we run our own laboratory to analyze the phosphate content before it goes to the manufacturing step  then we re-analyze it again after it passed the final step.

With this method, we can deliver guano based on our clients requirement.

Our guano organic fertiliser is made in a production facility in Klaten, Central Java that is equipped with machinery which are capable to produce around 30-35 MT of granulated guano a day. At this facility, we try as hard as we can to make the guano as organic as it can.

If you want to have the product sample for your review and for the lab analysis, we can provide it for free. Please contact us.

And what will make us very happy is if you are keen to visit us here in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia.

We will take you to a tour visiting our mining site, our facility and see how do we work. And if there is still time, maybe I can take you to visit some wonderfuls  Indonesia sites  that are located around Yogyakarta corners

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